Handee women empowerment workshops are a collaboration of Yoga ,dance ,aerobics, motivational speakers,lunch,proceso, pop up shops ,goody bags and lots more.It's a full 360 experience leaving you feeling inspired ,nurtured,minded and energised. Handee are planning their next workshops around the country.so if you want them to come to your town get in touch.If you find it impossible to get to a weekly class or motivate yourself in any way join us on the 29th March.We will tick that box for you getting you back on track .If you cant make the date think about gifting it to a friend .


The Women Empowerment workshop with HanDee takes place in Loreto Dalkey on March 29th from 12.30am - 3.00pm

Women Empowerment Workshop with HanDee

  • This workshop is taking place in the Sports Hall in Loreto Dalkey.

    Please see map for location details