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Flow4Life was crafted and created by one of Ireland’s most experienced and respected teachers Dee O’Rourke.

Flow4Life blends classic yoga poses with free motion to promote physical and spiritual harmony. Be guided through every movement and breath in an environment of care and appreciation for the body, allow the continuity of flow in every class to leave you with clarity of mind and energy that can be added to your daily life. Dee O’Rourke’s unique system is the result of 26 years spent traveling the world, learning dance and teaching Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.

As a mum-of-four, Dee knows what it’s like to juggle domestic and work responsibilities. Flow4Life is designed to suit all lifestyles and will enrich every aspect of your existence, from health to relationships and career. It won’t hoover the house for you, but it will take the drudgery out of your chores, as you will feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more fluid in everything you do.

If you’re ready to free your body, clear your head and get your life flowing, join Dee at class or an international retreat.

What is flow4life

Dee O’Rourke has been teaching Yoga and movement for the past 20 years and self-practicing for over 26 years.  She has trained with many teachers since 2000 starting with Marie Quail, the original founder of the Y.T.T.C. (Yoga Therapy and Training Centre).  Dee spent 2 years travelling from Dublin to County Down to learn how to teach Hatha Yoga and after completing this 2 year teacher training course she immediately signed up for an Iyengar Yoga course in 2003.  By the time 2006 came around she had moved away from Iyengar Yoga and while she learnt so much it’s attention to precision she was drawn to the flow of Ashtanga Yoga which seemed more compatible with her personality.

Dee started to practice Ashtanga on a daily basis soon after the birth of her fourth child in 2005 and has received a high standard of training in Ashtanga with her main Influence being David Swenson.  Her most recent teacher training with him was in October of 2011 which was a ‘Second Series’ teacher training.

More recently Dee’s practice has evolved towards more flow and dance movement, combining Yoga poses but also allowing a free flow of movement to create a super class. She is well known in her native Dalkey and ran Yoga Village there for 15 years.  Her other influences to date are Gabrielle Roth, Shiva Rea, Danny Paradise, Nancy Gilgof, Matthew Sweeney, Manju Jois, David Collins and Charlie Stevens of Contemporary Yoga.  You can follow her on the videos page of this website.

Dee has also produced a pregnancy Yoga DVD called “A Labour of Love”, and you can view the clips on Pregnancy Yoga on the videos tab.

If you are ready to ROCK and move your body and clear your head, why don’t you join Dee at one of her classes or a retreat in Italy, Montenegro or Kinsale to name but a few, see ‘Events’ for more details.

Who is Dee O'Rourke
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