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I started on my Yoga journey with Dee as my first teacher over 10 years ago and she remains my teacher today. The reason I have been drawn back to her over the years is the loving, healing and safe space Dee creates through her teaching. She teaches from her heart and this is felt in her classes.  Her Yoga and classes  are ever changing and evolving which makes for a refreshing, fun, inspiring and intuitively lead class every time. You can be sure to leave her class and float back to your everyday life feeling calm, peaceful and smiling from your heart.  Dee has also guided me through the tough times of injury, with her guidance, knowledge and healing  Yoga  I am delighted and very thankful to say I have fully recovered from a serious back injury and I know it was Yoga that helped my regain my full range of movement  and strength. And I say with my hand on my heart, I look forward to the next 10 years of  Yoga with Dee J

Michelle Carter

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